Lynden Alexander

Lynden Alexander is a forensic communication consultant. He has 24 years of professional experience, providing advice and professional development services to independent expert witnesses, and (national and international) corporate clients. His expertise is focussed on assisting expert and professional witnesses in communicating technical expertise in a clear, concise and reliable manner, suitable for the UK’s (predominantly) non-specialist judiciary.

For over 20 years, an important focus of his expertise has been the assessment of expert and professional evidence. The medico-legal domain of litigation has been a particular area of interest, leading to the publication of a co-authored professional guide (with the barrister Giles Eyre) on the writing of medical evidence in the UK civil courts. The first edition of Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims was published in 2011, with an expanded second edition in 2015. He also has 20 years of experience working with professional teams delivering infrastructure development schemes, including road building, power generation and flood alleviation projects.

Since March 2020, he has committed himself to a research project focussed on the medical response to the COVID-19 pandemic and specifically the co-ordination of the global medical response by the World Health Organization, its partners and funders.

He maintains a wide professional network of scientific, professional and technical experts, both in the UK and internationally.